What Is Adderall?

What Is Adderall

This is ironical but the generic name is not longer than the technical name for Adderall. Another label for Adderall is Dextroamphetamine-Amphetamine which is odd. Usually, the generic name is a lot shorter than the brand label. Anyway to the question what is the purpose and nature of Adderall. What does it treat and is it abused or used for the wrong purposes? The question often arises. What is Adderall? It seems reasonable to ask this question: Is there anything good about Adderall?

Now, we will talk about pure Adderall and what it is supposed to treat. Before we go on with that discussion it is a well-known, documented fact that Adderall is a highly addictive drug. And because of this addiction propensity, it is surprising that the FDA has not banned it as a legal drug to be consumed. You see Adderall releases the levels of dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain. Upon the increased release of dopamine, the brain is shot into a euphoric state which means it makes the user feel really good. People want to repeat this good feeling as often as they can and in the process became addicted to Adderall.

As it has been said so many times before the more you take off some substance the more you will need to achieve the same euphoric feeling. This is because the body will build up a resistance to the chemical being ingested.

What is Adderall

What is Adderall

Adderall is a stimulant that works in the central nervous system. It keeps the nervous system under control so your mind is not going in a million directions at one time. It also stops the kaleidoscope focus effect which happens when your mind is racing at 100mph and it cannot focus on one concept but tries to focus on every concept or distraction that enters your mind or brain. Its two main purposes are to treat ADHD patients and people who have narcolepsy. ADHD is a condition that keeps the recipient so distracted and hyperactive their mind cannot think clearly or focus on one concept or task for very long or if at all.

There is a dark side to the use of Adderall and that is when people start to use it to focus and concentrate more intently when studying for an exam or just doing basic homework Other people abuse the drug recreationally. Whatever the reason for these uses that is chosen it will most likely end up that person will become addicted to Adderall.



Unfortunately, ADHD affects children most of the time it can affect adults but these cases are of less frequency. Adderall is supposed to change organic materials in the brain to reverse hyperactivity, impulsive behavior and the lack of ability to focus that are common symptoms of ADHD. It is common knowledge that the root cause of ADHD is definitely neurological in nature Somewhere along the line of human development neurological imbalances will develop and proliferate to bring about ADHD.

Adderall, when taken in safe amounts, can travel to the brain and balance these neurological imbalances out. The result of this reversal is the user can think clearly, act normally and calm down for long periods of time to be able to focus on and complete tasks. Whether that be eating, sleeping, studying or just going out and living life. It is highly unlikely that a person who has ADHD will abuse Adderall. This is because people who take Adderall for ADHD usually have the opposite reason to take the drug than those who take it to study. Both are taking it to focus better but the person with ADHD needs the drug to slow cognitive processes down while the person who takes it to study will want it to enhance cognitive processes. People who just take it recreationally are taking it so they can get high off the drug.

This is the sad thing about the whole Adderall experience it really can benefit people who really need it and take it to improve their lives. But when the drug is in the hands of recreational users or users who want to improve their concentration powers than the trouble begins. In all fairness though not every person who takes Adderall to help them with their studies will abuse the drug but there are a lot out there who will.

Narcolepsy Nightmare

Narcolepsy Nightmare

The other major reason the drug was designed for was to help treat narcolepsy which basically is a disorder where the recipient will fall asleep uncontrollably anytime anywhere. This person can be sitting in a class and just doze off. Or that could be driving and dose off which could obviously be fatal to them and those in the automobile with them Needless to say other drivers who may be driving in their proximity.

Narcolepsy is also is also a neurologically rooted disorder. People will normally go through progressive stages of sleep until they reach the deep sleep stage. People with narcolepsy will fall into the deep sleep stage instantly at any time of the day. Typically this neurological disorder becomes evident as early as 15 years-old and as late as 25-year-old. The sad part is that people of all ages may have narcolepsy but it was never diagnosed so it went untreated. It could also be misdiagnosed and ultimately be mistreated.

Narcolepsy can be diagnosed by having a physical exam and a very extensive family medical record check. The family medical record check will reveal if other family members or ancestors have suffered from the same symptoms or similar symptoms the person who has narcolepsy is experiencing.

Adderall being a stimulant can reverse the effects of narcolepsy by stimulating the cognitive processes that drive this sleeping disorder. Narcolepsy is not a curable neurological condition and Adderall cannot repeat cannot cure narcolepsy. It can temporarily ease the symptoms of this sleeping disorder.

There is not a lot of information on whether people who suffer from narcolepsy will abuse this drug or not. Unofficially it seems that it would be non-productive for this person to abuse this kind of drug. They suffer from too much sleep to falling asleep anywhere. If they were to hypothetically abuse this stimulant than the opposite effect would occur in their lives. Now, they won’t be to sleep and they will be awake more hours than they would sleep. THIS bringing on a whole new set of health issues now this person is really in a bad way.

It may be that Adderall can be one of the most abused prescription drugs available today. There are cases where people will actually pulverize the tablets into powder and snort it through their nasal passages. The only explanation that this writer can come up with for this abusive behavior; is the drug will mainline to the brain and the effects of the Adderall will be felt that much quicker.

The Sad Side Effects of Adderall

The Sad Side Effects of Adderall

Adderall being a stimulant will cause nervousness and restlessness in the person who decides to abuse this drug. Other side effects can be you won’t be able to sleep you can drink 1000 cups of milk or count sheep until your face turns blue you will not be able to fall asleep. This is why it is so effective in helping people with narcolepsy live a relatively normal life. Another obvious side effect of Adderall is a nervous twitch in some part of the body and it is guaranteed the twitch will be random and uncontrollable and definitely involuntary.

Dry mouth syndrome is a sure sign a person has taken Adderall if you feel like you could drink a swimming pool dry you will definitely have dry mouth. You will develop a headache over time if you take Adderall. This side effect is ironical because how can you focus and study more effectively your head is constantly pounding? This one could be a problem if you are married and you and your spouse are trying to start a family. Your sex drive will take such a beating you will lose interest in having sex and you will not be able to participate in a healthy manner. This would be extreme selfishness on the part of the user to prolong the use of this drug. Knowing that it could affect the sex drive but yet they keep on abusing the drug. This drug can really take control of a person’s life and ruin it.

The next round of side effects are all tied together. You can develop stomach cramps which cause nausea which will end up in vomiting. Is it really worth suffering these unpleasant physical effects for a few hours of enjoyment? But is it really enjoyment? I mean who wants to walk around in life feeling nauseated and having constant stomach cramps? It would be like someone continually punching you in the stomach. This is not a nice feeling nor is it a healthy way to live.

These side effects involve bowel imbalances because Adderall can make you either suffer from constipation or diarrhea. Two complete effects working here either you will live in the bathroom or the bathroom will be a stranger to you. You will be extremely uncomfortable with either unpleasant condition.

These side effects are just as unpleasant as all the others discussed here. They can all lead to serious health issues but these effects more than the others because these effects could be fatal. A couple of related side effects of Adderall is you lose the desire to eat and when you don’t eat you lose weight. You don’t want to become anorexic this will damage your mental, emotional and physical states in ways you cannot imagine or do you want to contemplate.

Warning if you or a loved one or someone you know start showing signs of loss of appetite or loss of weight suddenly and for no apparent reason. Then you may have to sit them down and ask them if they have been taking Adderall. Don’t be surprised if they deny using or abusing this dangerous stimulant.

Serious Side Effects

Serious Side Effects

The side effects listed above are serious enough but the following side effects are so serious they could turn into life-threatening side effects. A fast r pounding heart is a serious effect of taking too much Adderall either over the long term or taking excessive amounts in a short time frame. If you experience heart palpitations or an irregular heartbeat you better get yourself to emergencies fast as you can. These heart signs are indicators of something more sinister going on inside your body.

The pounding heart will definitely raise your blood pressure when the heart starts pumping the blood too fast through your body. The potentiality for a heart attack or a stroke to occur. The least effect is you may pass out from that extreme blood flow. Over the long run, there may be the risk of developing heart disease of some sort.

You can develop slurred or intelligible speech as a side effect of Adderall. If this happens there is a good chance a stroke could be happening or may soon happen. A side note is it worth risking your life for an Adderall addiction. Let us face reality sooner or later the Adderall use or abuse will catch up in damaging your body or parts of your body. These damages could be permanent. And if some of them are left untreated they could be fatal.

Some unsettling side effects of Adderall are they can bring on visible mental hallucinations. In a real sense, this stimulant can be considered a hallucinogenic drug. There is the all too real possibility that if you find yourself having these particular side effects you will be in trouble. You may start hearing voices and seeing things that are not real. This sounds like horror movie talk I know. But it is a sad reality of taking Adderall.

Adderall is a funny drug because when it is taken for the right reasons and in the right doses it can have wonderful effects for people. To the point, it can change their lives and help them live normal lives despite having ADHD or narcolepsy. On the other side of the coin, the drug can have devastating effects in a person’s life. It could cost them a healthy functioning brain or heart. I have no official facts to back this assertion up with but surely taking Adderall for years cannot help the aging process. You may even age prematurely because Adderall abuse will not be kind to your body over the years that it is abused.

Long-term Side effects

Long-term Side effects

Now we will talk about the long-term side effects of Adderall use. This drug, if used for a long time can cause psychosis and schizophrenia-like symptoms which could leave a person unable to recover from this extreme mental alteration and they could be in these unfortunate state of mental state for the rest of their natural lives.

The FDA is very aware of these physiological effects because they have made it mandatory that psychiatric effect could develop be printed on Adderall labels. Unless this has happened to a lot of people worldwide why else would they have manufactures print these warnings on the labels?

Physical effects could be a heart attack or stroke occurring if the drug is used in excess for years. We know that a heart attack can ruin a person’s life but it could also be fatal. Strokes could leave the person paralyzed for life. In clear bold print, a website sad that Adderall is used for a long period of time and in excess it may cause cardiovascular damage and heart disease both if left untreated will be a lifelong challenge and could realistically be fatal.

Adderall also consistently reduces dopamine production in the brain The person who uses Adderall will eventually become depressed and possibly suicidal, It can cause permanent heart and brain damage if it is used for years. The body will be unable to safely remove the drug because of the excessive amounts put into it over the decades.

The human body and the organs that make that body function normally were not designed to be abused by a stimulant as powerful as Adderall. Adderall is just not a healthy drug to interact with unless it is prescribed in the proper doses and the person using it is under the care of a health professional.

Final Analysis

We have talked about the wonders of Adderall in this article and we have extensively covered the really negative points of this dangerous stimulants. Please do not ignore the warnings set down in this article regarding the potential side effects this drug can cause. There are a lot of wonderful people who are greatly benefitting from the drug.

There are also people who have either passed away or are facing life threatening circumstances from abusing this drug as well. There is no middle road with Adderall either you abuse it and you will suffer the negative consequences or you will be one of those people who use it for its intended uses and you will live to see your life changed for the better.

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