Nuvigil vs Adderall: Which Rocks for Narcolepsy, ADHD and in General?

Nuvigil vs Adderall: Which Rocks for Narcolepsy, ADHD and in General?

This seems to be a widespread issue across the internet. Which mind drug is more effective Adderall or nuvigil? This brings in the issues of which one is better at handling autism, ADHD, narcolepsy and issues in general. In this article, we will try and show which drug is more effective in handling these sensitive issues and why.

I have an autistic son who was born with this mental disability and we tried Adderall in his younger years to bring him under control. He is a hyperactive man and then he was a hyperactive little boy. The Adderall took on the usual pattern all the other medications we tried to calm down and to stop his destructive behaviors. It worked in the beginning and calmed him down quite noticeably for about a month or so. Then light a light switch that is turned on he instantly turned for the worst. He became more hyper, negative and he displayed stronger destructive behaviors. So in my particular case it was a flop and did not permanently change his behavior it only made it worth.

We need to keep in mind his senses, nervous system and brain work totally different than a normal person’s functions. And what drug will work best for him may not work for others and visa versa. This is obviously the case in this debate over which drug is better. One amp says Adderall is the kingpin brain drug and the other camp with equal passion swear by nuvigil as the top rated brain drug.

Which One is Better

Which One is Better

The bottom line is which one really is more effective and which one has the less severe side effects or ideally no side effects at all. Adderall is the ancient drug that has been the top-rated drug to treat DD, ADH, and narcolepsy. In those days there was no debate because only Adderall existed so naturally, it was number one. Long comes the new phenomenon in town and it is nuvigil which threatens to knock Adderall from the top spot. It was originally manufactured to help people with various sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, etc. It can also help shift sleep disorder which is a condition a person can fall asleep sitting at his desk working. It is similar in nature to Provigil or modafinil for helping with these conditions Provigil Was created to address these very same issues.

History tells that when this drug was first made that all types of testimonies flooded in saying the drug was some kind of “miracle brain drug. It helped to keep ADHD, narcolepsy and other sleeping disorders wonderfull away. The reports said the user was not even aware they had the condition once they took the pills. There were testimonies that people experienced greater cognitive ability, clearer focus and more coherent thinking patterns. These results were vastly than the results Adderall was providing.

These people were able to complete complex tasks without any distractions which would fit the bill for someone who had ADHD.



Adderall seems to be a little more diluted in than the other drug. It contains Dextroamphetamine Mixed Salts which are intended to help patients who have ADHD or ADD which is made for people who don’t have any choice. The drug war specifically designed with them in mind. The drug is supposed to stimulate the brain by increasing the production of dopamine and norepinephrine two neurochemicals in the brain that control the pleasure aspect and the fight or flight mode.

Amphetamines can be highly addictive so if this is a problem with the drug remains to be seen. This drug seems mainly seems to be prescribed for young children and young adults because these are the ones who seem to suffer the most with these conditions. This is bad but Adderall comes with all the standard side effects that accompany taking amphetamines including addiction. Also, there is a growing alarm among people that Adderall may not be safe to be administering to young children and teenagers the drug may just be too powerful for them to handle. Their neurological process is still developing. There is a push on the health landscape to find more natural remedies for ADHD. Also, there is a hunt for safer alternatives to Adderall.

It makes one wonder if Adderall is really as effective as it is said to be especially for autistic children who suffer from physical conditions we cannot relate to. For example, my son is a very low functioning autistic person who was taking Adderall and he could not communicate with us what was going on inside his head after taking the Adderall. It could have been affecting him in ways we will never understand. This could be the reason he ended up being so aggressive near the end of his taking Adderall. He could have been having all types of mental reactions to the drug. I know for sure it did not help him.

Back to the addiction threat, it is very easy to get into a pattern of addiction on Adderall. It shoots a bunch of dopamine into the brain and makes the user feel euphoric, alert and focused. They also cannot go to sleep and they are exhausted the next day. What do they do? They take another Adderall to get that same euphoric stimulation. Weeks go by and they wonder why they are hooked and dependent on Adderall. Another problem is people will need more and more of the Adderall to feel that same initial euphoric feeling. This will cost money.

The numbers over the last few years for emergency room relating to Adderall addiction has tripled among people in the ages between 18 to 34. Plus there is another problem among young people who take Adderall for the high or to stay awake. The take a stimulant then they drink alcohol which is a depressant that will act on the body the opposite way a stimulant will. The result the body cannot tolerate such extreme physical changes.

The heart especially cannot take the extreme fluctuations this will lead to heart problems. One young person at the tender age of 20 years old was very healthy. They took 30mg of Adderall and had a heart attack. A drug that causes these types of harsh side effects cannot be healthy.

Memory Assistant

Memory Assistant

Adderall does seem to help people with ADHD to perform better in life as the drug calms their minds sharpens their focus. Students who are in college seem to do better with rote memory applications after taking Adderall. So they do better on tests in memory applications when they memorized originally while they had studied when they took Adderall. But it doesn’t seem to do much for working memory. Working memory involves manipulating different concepts at the same time. Those who studied while using Adderall did not improve in working memory. Working memory would be like manipulating different algebraic formulas at the same time to come up with the final answer.

This has to be one of the most alarming side effects of Adderall and that is there have been sudden deaths reported from people taking Adderall. True most of the cases documented were people who have structural heart issues, to begin with. But there were a few sudden death cases where the people had normal heart structures. Quite frankly a drug that is supposed to help you that can cause sudden death is alarming. Most of the cases were from heart attacks but one case involved person taking a fatal dose of Adderall.

There is a sad reality in the astronomical increase since 2002 in people taking Adderall. This is because the pharmaceutical companies have falsely advertised the effects of Adderall on several occasions the FDA has warned. Consumers buy the drug thinking it will help them in certain ways. They take the Adderall and it affects them in a totally unexpected ways. Another bad side effect of Adderall is that it can cause the user mental illness and and for the children, there have been psychotic issues reported. These are some very severe side effects that Adderall can cause.l Officially people have seen things that aren’t real and her voices speaking to them when no one was there. These psychotic effects in children are not good because it could scar them mentally and emotionally for life.

Adderall Reviews Regarding Narcolepsy

Adderall Reviews Regarding Narcolepsy

These are reviews based on the experience of Adderall users. This young person suffered from narcolepsy. They fell asleep in class, while reading a book, studying, eating, just about in any activity in life. Their doctor prescribed Adderall and they felt like a normal person for once. They were able to study, read books, drive, go to class and stay awake since they start taking the Adderall. It was stated that the rug changed this person’s life. They really like the drug but gave it an 8/10 rating because they still have to take a lot of naps.

Another reviewer explains that they have been taking Adderall for narcolepsy for five months. They claim it has changed their life and it as helped them to stay alert, have a clear mind, and stay awake. They gave it a 10/10. They did not go into great detail about how Adderall helped their narcolepsy.

This next person was officially diagnosed with narcolepsy and said they would be the friend that would fall asleep in the car, at the movies and in class. The person was voted in their senior class as the one who would most likely fall asleep in class. The person saw no humor in the award because she felt miserable being tired all the time and needing to sleep way too much. The person took nuvigil for 11/2 years and it worked fine for a while. They built up a tolerance to it and it became ineffective. They started taking Adderall and it has changed their life. They can now stay awake, in class, study and concentrate in class without falling asleep. They gave Adderall a 10/10 and they said it was the best decision they ever made in their life to take Adderall and the doctor’s request.

This user is older and was diagnosed with narcolepsy basically. They were always falling asleep and constantly would have to nap. They were tired all the time and they feel like it was in a fog. They took Adderall and said the results were applicable. The fog is gone, they are not tired, and best of all they hardly ever take naps anymore. They now feel like a normal human. They rated it a 10/10

Another review said that the user took Adderall for two years and it improved their sleeping patterns. They were out of it most of their lives but Adderall helped to change that. They were able to drive with no problem and they felt alert for the first time in their life. They still had problems sleeping at night even with taking Adderall. The user gave a rating of 9/10.

This is a negative review of Adderall to help narcolepsy. The reviewer said that from the beginning Adderall worked but not very well for them. As time went on the drug became useless as it did not help this person at all. They could not stay awake and had a rough time getting out of bed. The drug was so useless for them they gave a rating of 1/10.

This review was mixed. The user said at first the Adderall really helped them but as the years went by they built up a tolerance to it and now it doesn’t work for them. They mainly sleepwalk through the day. They have a window of time for about 4 to 5 hours where they are on full alert and can get their work and errands done. Then they crash again around 3:30 p.m.



Nuvigil is a stimulant designed to increase wakefulness and is said to enhance focus and clarity. Which for ADHD patients would be a wonderful improvement because they are easily distracted and have problems to focus because of too many distractions around them. This drug could communicate with their brains and calm them down helping them to focus with clarity on the task at hand. It also is supposed to enhance the actual cognitive ability of the user.

The usual dose for optimum effects is 50 mg to 150 mg per day. It may be the dose taken was determined for what the user had to do that day. There were some side effects reported by users of this drug.

The drug acts a lot like Adderall and helps the user to concentrate more clearly. In adults, it will trigger intense concentration and hours of concentrated focus with no distractions. There have been claims that people who take Adderall can sit and read an entire textbook at one sitting and absorb it. There is no way a person with ADHD would be able to do this. They just don’t have the concentration abilities to accomplish reading a textbook in one sitting.

Nuvigil is manufactured for focused attention to accomplish long-duration tasks. Adderall is specifically designed for over attention deficit or ADHD and has a completely different purpose. It is not known whether nuvigil can substitute for Adderall for treating ADHD. For sure Adderall cannot treat the reasons why people take nuvigil. The two drugs seem to be in other dimensions when it comes to functionality. Nuvigil may not be safe for children to take either as the effects on children are not known. Furthermore, the manufacturer recommends any person under the age of 17 should not take nuvigil therapy.

It is unknown whether nuvigil has side effects addictive tendencies in children There have no studies been done to determine if these factors exist for children or not. Until this is determined it is best if children do not take nuvigil the potential risks are too great.

Adults can develop ADHD disorders as well as children can. But nuvigil can treat this type of disorders in adults bt nuvigil cannot help everyone with this type of disorder. Nuvigil can produce side effects in users.For years it has been maintained that this drug causes light headaches for users. Also, it is never to be taken with high blood pressure or liver medications. If it is taken in conjunction with these two drugs it could cause some major reactions internally. If it Is taken with blood pressure medications could elevate the blood pressure of the user. In extreme cases, it has been known that nuvigil may lead to bruises and internal bleeding but by no means is the normal reaction.


The comparison between Adderall and nuvigil has brought out some interesting points. Adderall seems to be designed mainly for ADHD but can help with narcolepsy. Nuvigil is designed for heavy and focus concentration for long tasks and can help with ADHD. It seems like both drugs were designed for different purposes. Neither drug is safe for children to take. The side effects of nuvigil have not be identified. The side effects of Adderall could be harmful maybe leading to death. There were a few cases where people died suddenly from taking Adderall. This is a very serious side effect.



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