N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and How It Works

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and How It Works



What do you mean how does it work? Does it even work? N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (this supplement is a mouthful to say) is another brain supplement that has grown in popularity. This brain supplement is in the form of an amino acid and is claimed to have different physical functions. These include berain functions, muscular mass building, and cell enhancement and restoration. But is this amino acid one of those supplements that the FDA has not approved? Let’s look further into the workings of this supposed wonder-working amino acids.

If you take N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine it an help the mind and body on many fronts. It will encourage top functioning of the brain and the body to assure you stay in top shape.It will knock stress out of the park. But the question arises will this amino acid work the same benefits for everyone who takes it? It is one of the brain boosting supplements that is able to keep the neurotransmitters in the brain on an even keel. Because of this, anyone can benefit from taking this brain supplement. This sounds like it keeps the brain work as a whole, harmonious, and integrated unit. This may increase intelligence but this is doubtful as no manmade or natural element has been able to increase natural intelligence on a longterm basis.

It is a nice complement with some of the really potent brain booster products in the market today. Again. Will this combination of brain boosters affect everyone the same basic way or will there be radical differences in each potential user?

A word to the wise before you purchase this product you should consult your doctor about the true merits of taking this brain supplement. You can also research it online and see what others, especially experts, are saying about it. The short term for this supplement is NALT. From here on out the term, NALT will be used in reference to this supplement. It is a variation of a natural amino acid. In other words, it is a manmade supplement.

This amino acid is another natural amino acid the body produces but it is produced in very minimal amounts. This is why supplementation is needed. A quick side note here. If the human body produces so little of this amino acid naturally should we be taking more than we really need? There has to be a reason why the body produces so little of this brain supplement. It seems like with any man-made drug, supplement, etc.if it is produced by the body in small quantities; should we be making the same product and taking higher doses? What if the higher doses will damage our bodies down the road?

NALT is altered and produced from regular tyrosine, (it is an amino acid that is found in many proteins and is important in the making of some hormones. It is a very important amino acid in the total proper functioning of the human body) it has acetic acid which is glassy in nature and gives vinegar its distinct taste. The acid helps to increase the supplement’s ability to absorb into the bloodstream. It can get into the bloodstream quickly and transport up to the brain. You may be able to feel its effects quite rapidly as well. This acetic acid has some major benefits for brain boosting functions;because of this acid MALT is a top selling brain supplement as we mentioned before.

We briefly covered this before that amino acids play a vital role in body functions. These include manufacturing protein compounds, and restoring muscle mass and many other benefits. One of the big attractions of NALT is that it boosts the production of dopamine the brain neurotransmitter that makes us feel euphoric. Could this make this supplement highly addictive you know like any drug that makes you feel good? It also increases the adrenalin flow through the body.

NALT has been medically proven to help what is known as Phenylketonuria, or PKU. This is a serious disorder that blocks the absorption of another amino acid-Phenylalanine. This amino acid helps with the maintenance and health of the human brain. Nalt increases the production tyrosine which kills PKU in the bloodstream.

Benefits of NALT

Benefits of NALT

The method of how NALT works in the body is complicated and is not fully understood. In fact, the surface of how it fictions in the body is beginning to be understood. Again, if it is not know how it affects the human body really how safe can it be to be consumed on a routine basis? NALT is a very powerful form of tyrosine and is easily absorbed into the body and can easily pass through the blood/brain barrier. This could mean it will have quick effects on the brain.

Through the process of enzyme functioning, tyrosine is changed into the chemical L-Dopa which is a very versatile chemical or compound. This L-Dopa then makes dopamine and many other super chemicals that help to boost the brain functions. Another feature L-Dopa does is to convert into melanin. During this change it forces quinones to be taken out of the body, These nasty little chemicals are known sources of neurotoxicity which may lead to brain damage.

Melanin cleanses the brain. It vacuums harmful metals like mercury and lead from the bain. Lead poisoning could kill the human body. It may preserve the brain from being damaged. Along the way, the dopamine that is not used to boost the mood is then changed into Norepinephrine. Supplementing NALT can help with improving our memories, giving us the ability to learn more effectively and quickly. It also helps with general understanding and may increase critical analytical skills. Users claim their focus and concentration increased using this supplement. Still, others said it helped them to have more mental clarity and fluidity.

These chemicals help to boost our mood by relieving stress and anxiety.

It will sweep depression right out of your life and you will never battle with depression again it is claimed.

Again, there is no ample research to support these claims that will boost the mood and remove depression. This seems like an amino acid that we just do not know a whole lot about. Is it really safe for people to be consuming this supplement with all these unknown factors surrounding it?

It is said that Nalt and help to treat ADHD by working in conjunction with such drugs as Ritalin and Adderall. It does this because it can increase the levels of dopamine in the brain which in turns increases the euphoria we experience when our dopamine levels increase. Dopamine may be tied into a clarity of focus and concentrated attention abilities. These two factors would help the other two drugs listed above to work more effectively. It may help to ease the crash that comes when these drugs wear off.
There have been no clinical studies done to confirm that NALT can help people who have ADHD. It probably would be safe to say these speculations are just that speculations at this point. More studies need to be conducted verify these assertions.

Side Effects Of NALT

Side Effects Of NALT

Most users report that there are no side effects related to NALT. they had nothing but praise for this brain supplement. They reported no serious or lethal side effects that the amino acid is relatively safe to consume. But then there are those who do report side effects from it.

They experienced symptoms like migraine headaches and gastronomical issues that were not elaborated on. It may also interfere with some medications and increase thyroid production. These Could be some serious side effects. Here it is apparent that there are many side effects we just don’t know about concerning this supplement. The medications this supplement reacts with are monoamine oxidase inhibitors, thyroid hormones, and levodopa. If you are taking any of the specific medications talk to your doctor before you start using this supplement.If you don’t and you go ahead and consume NALT while using these other medications you do not know what the chemical reactions will do to the body.

Dose Parameters

Dose Parameters

Here we talk about the right dose to take to achieve the maximum results. We have to account for health, age, weight and any existing medical issues that may be present in our bodies. In the case of this amino acid, it is advised you don’t exceed 1000 mg a day. You may be able to have tremendous results in much smaller doses. It all depends on what your body will do when you take these supplements. There will always be the ones who like to stretch the maximum dose and take doses higher than 1000mg a day.

It cannot be emphasized enough that higher doses could carry side effects we don’t even know about. Discretion is the key word here in monitoring dosage levels. Hearty advice to follow is to talk to your doctor before you decide on any final dose amounts you will take each day. The doctor may tell you don’t take this supplement at all.

There is always risk involved in taking this kind of brain supplements because you just never know how your body will react to them. You can buy this as a straight supplement or get it as an ingredient in other brain boosting products.

This brings up the whole line of thought about how reliable and safe is it to take NALT. It was mentioned earlier that there is a lot that is not not known about NALT. There was no mention of the FDA approving this supplement or even really discussing it. A good question to think about is with this supplement releasing dopamine what is the potential for it to become addictive?

NALT Reviews

NALT Reviews

One consumer of NALT discussed how they were irritable and anxious by nature. They were looking for some kind of brain supplement to take so they could calm down and relax. They wanted to be able to take something that would kick in quickly. They gave NALT atry. First, they took a small dose of it and it calmed them down. Naturally hey implied it was the dopamine rush that activated that euphoric sensation.

They Became a little bolder and decided to buy a larger quantity of NALT. They purchased 20 grams of NALT and tried it again. On this occasion they were feeling quite irritable and it was going on through the day. They had a roommate who was not helping their mood. This roommate had been depressed and was neglecting basic household chores. This of course did not make this individual eel happy. They went to their old buddy NALT. They pushed the envelope on this occasion and they mixed one gram into some water. One gram of NALT is the equivalent of 1000 milligrams. 1000 milligrams is the maximum dose that a person is advised to consume. They took the maximum dose but it was not clear if they knew they were taking the recommended highest dose. Theysaid they felt really calm after a spell and they really did not care about anything. They Were in an euphoric state.

It sounded like hey we’re not real motivated to do anything while on the NALT. they thought about ways of how they could help their depressed roommate get back on their feet. This was a change from the original irritated state of mind they were in concerning their roommate. Rightfully so they pondered the question of how addictive can NALT be when it stimulate a lot of extra dopamine into the brain? One thing they said was they had no serious withdrawal feeling s or a crash when the NALT wore off.

They Asked for feedback. One other user said they had taken 350mg of NALT and they had no withdrawal symptoms or a crash either. But they did not really say how it helped them to feel more relaxed.

Another user took the NALT and really expected to have no success with it. They were surprised to find that it kicked in within one hour of them taking the supplement. It definitely exceeded their expectations and they would use it again. Theysaid it did not kick in the extra dopamine that L-Tyrosine did but it was still very effective for them.

Another user tried NALT and had some very noticeable effects from the supplement. What The effects were they did not say.

The pattern from these reviews seems to be that NALT is a powerful mind-affecting supplement that takes effect in about an hour. It almost seems like these people perceived their reality as changed for a temporary time. The result was a dopamine rush that sent them into a calm euphoric-like state. Most of them sounded like hey would continue to use it. This makes one wonder if the drug has potential to become addictions for these people. They seemed to enjoy their experience with NALT.

It seems like the real possibility of addiction is there. The first reviewer took the maximum dose that is advo to make. It hit hem very hard but they thoroughly enjoyed the calm. It is a concern that these people will became addicted to NALT. I hope this does not happen for their sake. But if they build up a tolerance to the supplement they will have to spend more money and take more of the supplement to get that original “happy” feeling.

It does not seem natural to have a supplement release excessive amounts of dopamine in the brain. Could the sudden release of this neurotransmitter affect the person’s brain permanently? What I am getting at here is can it damage the brain. Like what was mentioned before there seems to be no side effects if the supplement is taken within the safe dose parameters. If people take beyond the allotted dose that could start experiencing some unpleasant side effects. They say NALT has no side effects but the side effects are not all known. How this drug will react with the brain at much higher doses is not known. It is not worth the risk to find out either

Just like the one reviewer who took the 1000 mg of the supplement. Did hey even not they were taking the maximum dose. They felt a noticeable change in their emotional and mental states of mind. True they said they had no crash and the other consumer had no crash from the NALT wearing off. The concern here is if this is the case would be a lot more motivation to become addicted to this brain supplement because there will never be a crash when the supplement wars off?

The NALT supplement seems to help people feel more relaxed and calm after ingesting it. It is said to send dopamine levels into orbit. It seems to be able to pass through the brain/blood barrier pretty quickly. IT affects the user usually in about an hour from the time it was first consumed. There is not a lot of awareness about its side effects. The potential for addiction seems to be very real especially when there will be no crash when the supplement wears off.


The NALT supplement seems to help people feel more relaxed and calm after ingesting it. It is said to send dopamine levels into orbit. It seems to be able to pass through the brain/blood barrier pretty quickly. IT affects the user usually in about an hour from the time it was first consumed. There is not a lot of awareness about its side effects. The potential for addiction seems to be very real especially when there will be no crash when the supplement wears off.

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