Choline Bitartrate Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Choline Bitartrate Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Really what side effects can there be with choline bitartrate since it really is similar to a vitamin B complex? Vitamin B is one of the most helpful vitamins in the universe. There simply cannot be any side effects with it. Side effects imply that the substance you are consuming is going to possibly hurt your body. Anyway, after it enters the bloodstream. Choline bitartrate found in many healthy foods including liver. It is used for liver disease, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss tourette syndrome and last but not least schizophrenia. It is a heavy hitter in helping to calm a lot of severe mental conditions. Athletes use it to bodybuild and delay fatigue from settling into their bodies. Pregnant women take it as a supplement to stop their baby’s brains from being damaged. It is also found in infants formulas as a supplement. It helps to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by asthma.

How it Works How it Works 

It is involved in many chemical reactions that take place in the body and it may help out the nervous system but how is not known. It is one of the top selling essential nutrients in the health world today. This is because it is cost effective and it works. It focuses on memory enhancement and memory repair. It’s a drug that focuses on mental enhancement. But let us be clear it will not increase intelligence for this you need to look into more powerful supplements. This is a fairly well-known essential nutrient. It also protects against memory loss due to aging. It can increase athletic performance and like it was mentioned before help with memory. It is clear more users are opting for stronger choline supplements such as Alpha GPC choline and CDP choline. This supplement works adequately for those who want to make sure they are getting enough of chlorine in their diets. It supports memory and the complex synaptic plasticity in the brain.

An important factor is it is a critical brain supplement that helps memory and mental performance. Another benefit of this nutrient is that it is already produced internally in the body. But because it is produced in such small amounts people will supplement it with more choline bitartrate. You can also get it in many healthy foods including peanuts, eggs, meat and many other sources. Helps to increase acetylcholine which is present through the whole nervous system and acts as a neurotransmitter passing signals from the nervous system to the brain. These levels are increased by the choline bitartrate. It can also help with the brain focusing and keep it healthy. It is relatively safe to take and the normal dose is between 250 mg to 1000mg.

What Is It

What Is It

It is a water soluble which means it can be taken with water as the water will dissolve the contents. It is a nutrient that is similar to the vitamin B family as was mentioned before. It is structurally a phospholipid is a lipid that has a phosphate group within the molecule. It is a fat that is found in plentiful amounts in cell membranes. This supplement is in the body before more acetylcholine is produced and as was stated before acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that directs memory and other reasoning processes. Actually, acetylcholine is responsible for many of the benefits that are derived from the supplement. The composition of bitartrate is very simple because it is combined with a chemical salt to help it to be absorbed into the body.

There are other forms of this compound including choline citrate and choline chloride which are processed with different salts. If you decide to use these supplements you will assure yourself of getting enough choline in your daily diet as advised by the FDA. The body produces very little which doesn’t come close to reaching the FDA standards. It is claimed that most populations of the world are lacking in choline. This translates to over 90% of the world’s population are short on choline. The natural route of choline in the body is amount the body is solid that the amounts people intake in their diets tally isn’t enough., This is why supplementation is required. Women are pat menopause could use this supplement and not to leave men out they need it to perform normally in everyday life. Choline must initially be absorbed into the bloodstream before it will work. Once it reaches this threshold it then crosses over the blood-brain barrier where it enters the central nervous system. This is critical because not a lot of things can cross the blood barrier to the brain. Hold it though because not all this supplement enters the brain. At this juncture, it is changed into a different form to enter the brain so not all of the bitartrate choline enters the brain. Because of this, this kind of choline is not as effective as other stronger forms of choline. The stronger forms of choline all go into the brain.

Once the choline passes in the central nervous system then its real work begins. It will help to synthesize and store the acetylcholine which in turn builds up in the neurons. This helps the neurons to talk with the activate the cholinergic sites in the brain. This communication results in some positive effects including improving memory and learning abilities. Users claim that bitartrate choline helps them to remember details easier which translates being able to write, think and carry on social interactions with ease and less effort. It almost sounds like this is a stimulant that speeds up the natural processes of the brain.

Choline may play an essential part in the brain and central nervous system working together. It helps with muscle contraction and movement even helping with coordination. This is extreme and extreme is emphasized here that it helps to fight off arteriosclerosis and other memory related issues and diseases. It was not expressed in the source but it is implying that choline can help to fight off Alzheimer’s disease. These are not proven benefits and there have been no studies conducted to prove this hypothesis. There must be a lot of scientific studies done specifically on these issues to verify they are facts and not just speculation.
Another feature of this supplement that is claimed is that it actually works within the brain to energizes nerve support development and growth and manufacturing of cell membranes. It fixes ancient and worn out cell membranes and helps them to keep functioning in the brain efficiently. This implies that it could reverse the brain from dying or brain damage. This may be overstating the ability of this supplement because it is saying it can actually originate and support organic processes in the brain. It is not certain that a man-made substance can duplicate natural processes that take place in the brain.

The supplement is supposed to transport fat throughout and even out of the body which may assist in losing excess weight. Admittedly, this is hypothetical at best because there has not been enough research done to settle this issue conclusively. There have to be many more studies conducted that reach this definite conclusion to prove this to be absolutely true. Furthermore, many of the benefits of the supplement are known there is still a lot of the supplement that is not known that will affect the human body. Remember, that even some of the benefits mentioned above were not fully researched so they are not definitive to be true. There is a lot that needs to be researched concerning this supplement.

This lead to the possible conclusion that the side effects that are known may be inconclusive as well. There is also the realm that there could be many side effects this supplement will have that have not yet been researched and identified This may be the reason why the FDA has not approved it to be a drug that can help to treat medical conditions. It is still classified as a supplement. There are too many unknowns to really say that this supplement is safe to consume even though it is said it is perfectly safe to be consumed by humans. Part of the mystery is that there has been so little research conducted involving human beings. There is no clear knowledge that a lot of research has been done on animals either. There really are a lot of variables with this bitartrate choline. Some of them could lead to serious health issues may be the issues could be fatal is just is not known at this time.

Dose Standards

Dose Standards

You cannot just pick up a bottle of these supplements and take whatever do you want. Some thought is needed before you choose the right dose for you as an individual. There are factors that are involved such as age, weight, and the condition of the person’s health. These doses shared in this article are only guidelines, not absolutes. You Need to talk to your doctor about the safety of this supplement and the right dose you should be taken. The FDA has established standard guidelines for men that they should take 550 mg a day and women should take 425 mg a day. People who are trying to enhance their nootropic benefits naturally will take higher doses than those advised by the FDA. Her to you must be careful to not overdose on these supplements. Unofficially nootropic experts recommend that you take between 550 mg to 3000 mg a day but 3000 mg a day seems rather excessive. Could this dose hurt you in the long run? The answer according to the nootropic experts is that you are still within the safe zone of taking these amounts of the supplement. The most tolerable dose you should take is 3.5 grams or 3500 mg but this is too close to being hazardous to the health. 3000 mg is awful close to 3500 mg and it is said that people who take 3000 mg suffer no side effects.

But if some side effects are not yet known how do they really know that these amounts will not have side effects? People say they have no side effects but the side effects could be present and they may not be aware of them. The side effects may take time to show up as well. It does not seem prudent to be taking these higher amounts when there is so much yet to be discovered about this supplement. It is also a fact that the bitartrate choline does not all pass into the brain like the purer forms of choline would. This could present a couple of problems. People who are looking for it to go to their brain quickly will not have that experience because it doesn’t even all go into the brain.

If the effects are not quick enough for the user what if they erroneously reason that if they take more it will be more effective for them. It could be they are thinking more will pass through the blood-brain barrier and therefore will act more quickly on the brain. This may not be true the complete opposite could happen that less passes through the barrier to the brain. The end results may take longer to effect the brain as well. It just is not worth taking the risk, is it?

The Grand Side Effects of this Supplement

The Grand Side Effects of this Supplement

The experts say that the side effects are rare and not intended when taken at the higher doses but they can happen. At higher doses, it has been known that choline bitartrate can definitely cause changes in the body. Your circulation may suffer, you will have bouts of diarrhea, and gives you an extensive stomach cramps.

Vomiting is a natural outflow of the stomach cramps that have been manifested when the supplement is taken at higher than safe levels. These effects could happen at lower supposedly safer doses as well. It really depends on the health of the person consuming the supplement. Other side effects are low blood pressure, increased sweating and spitting which could mean you are losing moisture in your body that could lead to dehydration. It probably would be wise to drink plenty of water while using the choline supplement. You may experience some dizziness as well.

Some of these side effects at higher doses sound very dangerous and maybe could be fatal. Having low blood pressure means the parts of the body are not getting enough blood supplied to them. Low blood pressure will naturally lead to dizziness when the brain is not getting enough blood and oxygen fed to it. It is a little concerning that there really is not a whole lot known about the side effects of this supplement at any dose.

The side effects at the normal or lower doses are not even mentioned which leads one to believe that it is safe to take at these doses? Or what if the side effects are just not known at any dose? Common sense would dictate that if any of the above doses occur to you if you are taking the supplement at higher than advises doses. You should stop taking the higher doses and let the side effects wear off. If they do not pass even after you have stopped taking the supplement see your doctor. Another scenario is if the side effects became worse or remain the same at lower doses you better go talk to your doctor. You may have some serious health issues you need to take care of.

There are many different brands and grades of choline out there. It just depends on what you want to accomplish in taking the supplement. Do you want heightened brain functions? Then you need to take the purer forms of choline which will pass through the blood-brain barrier 100% of the time. Keep in mind these types of choline will affect your brain quicker. If you are just looking to get enough choline on a daily basis then the bitartrate choline will work just fine for you.


This supplement really seems to zero in on improving the natural cognitive functions of the brain but it will not increase a person’s intelligence. It is not a brain drug in the purest form. And as was stated before it is one of the weaker forms of choline. There are more powerful forms of choline on the market than bitartrate choline. But yet it is one of the best-selling choline supplements. It must be helping a lot of people to have reached this marketing status.

The stronger forms of this supplement are geared more toward brain boosting activities and they will affect your brain a lot quicker. But does purer always mean safer? Not necessarily especially when there are so many unknowns about this supplement and their potential side effects at both regular and higher doses. There are too many unknown variables with this supplement and the fact that not a lot of studies have been conducted on humans tells a real story. It says this supplement is really not known whether it is safe to consume or not at any dose.



















































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