Phenylethylamine Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Nootropics are a group of supplements which are known to enhance cognitive ability, such as improving concentration and boosting memory power. These supplements are popular as study aids for these reasons, and this is why they are often classed as ‘smart drugs.’ But smart drugs can cause adverse effects with long-term use, such as dependence and addiction, whereas to be classed as a nootropic, a substance has to be safe, it has to have neuroprotective qualities, and there must be little or no side effects associated with taking it. Continue reading “Phenylethylamine Benefits, Uses and Side Effects”

The 7 Most Popular Smart Drugs-Which One Is the Best?

Can a pill make you smarter? Research has studied this and it’s still in its early days, but the early results from studies seem to suggest that they can. Experts are continuing to learn more about how substances affect the brain, and they believe that there is a possibility of a pill that can make you smarter. Continue reading “The 7 Most Popular Smart Drugs-Which One Is the Best?”

How Effective Is Acetyl L-Carnitine for Weight Loss?

Maintaining a healthy weight is so important for health and well being. It helps to prevent some serious diseases and health conditions. If you are overweight, you have an increased risk of health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, joint problems, and some cancers. If you’re a healthy weight, you’ll also feel a lot better about yourself and you’ll have more energy to enjoy life. Continue reading “How Effective Is Acetyl L-Carnitine for Weight Loss?”

What Is Adderall?

This is ironical but the generic name is not longer than the technical name for Adderall. Another label for Adderall is Dextroamphetamine-Amphetamine which is odd. Usually, the generic name is a lot shorter than the brand label. Anyway to the question what is the purpose and nature of Adderall. What does it treat and is it abused or used for the wrong purposes? The question often arises. What is Adderall? It seems reasonable to ask this question: Is there anything good about Adderall? Continue reading “What Is Adderall?”

L-Tyrosine For Anxiety: How it Works and How to Take It

Tyrosine the Anxiety Buster

Tyrosine the Anxiety Buster

Everyone is screaming about L-Tyrosine in the world of health these days. It may be the new powerhouse for anxiety reduction. It is reported in anxiety forums that it is the hot topic at the moment. It is on everyone’s tongue as the latest and greatest natural remedy to alleviate anxiety. Stress and worry. This is a beautiful thing for those who daily struggle with anxiety because anxiety attacks and panic attacks are no fun. Think about waking up every morning with your stomach in knots and a dark cloud of depression hanging over your head. You think about it the things that can wrong before you even start your day. You think about every negative aspect of your life and you dread the day that is dawning. You worry about worry! Anxiety has a stronghold around your mind and it won’t let go. What are you supposed to do? You think is there anyway out of this? You have been in this anxious state for years so what will make today any different? Continue reading “L-Tyrosine For Anxiety: How it Works and How to Take It”